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5 Awesome Things You Can Do With Drones

Tech Fixers Loves Drones It’s hard not to. Little flying robots with cameras on them. They go fast as hell, are relatively inexpensive, and you can get a ton of mileage out of them. I wanted to...

Breaking Down the Handheld Computer Market

Handheld Computer Market I didn’t want to explicitly run through the laptop gamut since there are countless articles that cover the various ups and downs you could be working with. Instead I wanted...

6 Future Tech Ideas We’re Excited About

Always Looking Forward To New Tech We are in the golden age of technology. For better and for worse, technology is rapidly evolving and we, as consumers, benefit by taking part and interacting with...

5 Smart Watches That You Should Consider

There are a lot of Smart Watches out there that aren’t Pixel or Apple Most people think smart watches and they think of the above, but we want to go in and showcase some of the cooler tech out there...

6 Things to Never Do With Electronics

Electronics have Varying Degrees of Vulnerability Electronics can range from cell phones and computers to tablets, keyboards and much more. Some things are more vulnerable than others, but...

7 Tablets You May Have Never Heard of

 First of all, they’re all Android, so let’s just move past that. Android is still “open-source enough” that anyone can grab a build and develop a product with it. So while there are minor...

Repairing Things by Bard

Repairing Things

The art of repair is a noble one,
It takes skill and patience,
And a love of things well-made.

When something is broken,
It’s often easier to throw it away,
But taking the time to fix it
Can be a rewarding experience.

There’s a sense of satisfaction
In bringing something back to life,
And knowing that you’ve made it last.

So if you’re feeling handy,
Give repair a try.
You might just be surprised
At what you can accomplish.

The broken pieces of a vase
Can be glued back together,
And the cracks can be filled with gold.

A torn shirt can be sewn,
And a broken heart can be healed.

Anything is possible
If you have the will to repair it. – Bard

Hoverboard Motor Controller Repair

Hoverboard Motor Controller Repair

This was a fun one we dont do every day.  Hoverboard came in.  Battery connector was smoking.  It had a short on the right side motor controller board.  Traced the problem to two shorted misfits. ...

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