Twin Cities Electronics Repair


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Components such as batteries, fans and hard drives have a limited service life and are designed to fail over time.  Would you throw out your car when the brake pads wear out?

Shakopee Electronic Services


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A big fall is no big problem.  We replace screens, frames and more.  We also fix water damage and in some cases, defects.

Electronic Services in Minnesota


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Sometimes it is just time to let it go.  We have hand selected a number of iPhones and a range of Android phones for their exceptional performance and value.  We have phones for every carrier.

Twin Cities Electronic Services

Electronics Repair Shop

Twin Cities Electronic Services

Many repairs are routine for us and we stock components such as batteries, screens and more to get you going ASAP.

Common Services We Provide:

  • Battery Replacement
  • Screen Replacement
  • Cleaning dust/lint from fans, charge ports and more
  • Replacing and/or upgrading thermal paste
  • Replacing failed cables and bad connections
  • Data Transfer to a new computer or media of your choice
  • Diagnostics
  • Virus/Spyware/Malware/”Potentially Unwanted programs” removal
  • OS upgrades (including windows 7 to windows 10)

We also love a challenge and specialize in repairs that other shops don’t have the skills and expertise to handle.  Or maybe they just don’t want to bother with them.

Many electrical shops and chains are hamstrung by needing to order from certain vendors.  We are very resourceful at sourcing the right components from a much wider list of vendors.

Advanced Services

  • Charge port replacement
  • board level components replacement
  • Circuit tracing
  • Custom Scripts, Programming
  • Security Consulting
  • Home Automation Consulting
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