Managed Services

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and peace of mind with our managed services. Say goodbye to IT headaches and hello to seamless operations. Our expert team ensures your systems run smoothly, allowing you to focus on growth. Experience proactive support, monitoring, and tailored solutions designed to elevate your business. 

Hardware Support

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Components such as batteries, fans and hard drives have a limited service life and are designed to fail over time.  Would you throw out your car when the brake pads wear out?

Shakopee Electronic Services

On-Site Support

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When there is a hard-ware or software issue, that down time can cost your company a lot of money, we provide on-demand support so we can get you back up and runing in no time.

Electronic Services in Minnesota

Server Support

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Whether you are offloading your files to the cloud or transitioning your e-mail servers, we are able to assist you become digitally accessible.

Twin Cities Electronic Services

Point Of Sale

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Revolutionize your business with our point-of-sale (POS) support managed services. Streamline operations, ensure seamless transactions, and enhance customer experience with our expert team at your side. From proactive maintenance to real-time monitoring, we’ve got you covered. Elevate your POS performance and drive sales like never before. 

Why Choose Tech Fixers?


As technology becomes increasingly integrated into every industry, mechanics are finding themselves navigating a new world of troubleshooting beyond just fixing engines and transmissions. From diagnostic software to specialized tools, modern mechanics rely on a variety of tech-based solutions to keep vehicles running smoothly. However, with this advancement comes a unique set of challenges and common tech support issues that can hinder productivity and frustrate even the most seasoned professionals.

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