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Tech Fixers LLC started in 2019 as a new venture by local resident Dustin Siemers.  Dustin has been working with computers in both a personal and professional capacity for many years.  Dustin had been previously working for various corporations and operating out of his house as a sole proprietor under the name “Dustin Siemers Computer Repair” since 2000. 

Meet Dustin

Most recently he has been working at a highly rated repair and refurbishing franchise in Minnetonka where he has been repairing computers, cell phones, tablets, and other mobile electronics.  He really enjoyed this line of work, however he decided that both himself and the public would be better served by an independent repair shop to assist them with their digital lives.  

Dustin has previously worked for 8 years in positions including End User Computing Specialist for a Swiss Fortune 100 Financial Services company.  He holds undergraduate degrees in Business Economics(BBA) and a masters degree(MLA) in Software Engineering. He also has studied Internetworking(CCNA) and Computer Programming at various local technical colleges.  

In college he did an honors project where he built a linux based intrusion detection system under the advisement of an National Center of Academic Excellence professor.  His masters project and thesis involved building an internal ticketing system for an IT department of a large pharmaceutical company.  The software ran on cloud services and utilized machine learning algorithms for predictive input.

Early Life

Dustin has long been working with electronics in a personal and professional capacity.  He met the manager of a local battery store franchise while shopping for batteries for his remote control “battlebots” style robot.  In 2000 he started working part time for them and was soon doing tech work including manufacturing battery packs and rebuilding various battery operated electronics.  He worked there off and on for 5 years during high school and during breaks from college.  

He saved up his money earned refereeing soccer for a nearby soccer club and built his first desktop computer system in 1997.  It ran on Windows 95 and used a Cyrix 200mhz processor. He soon became interested in PC gaming and built an Intel Pentium 2 setup using a Voodoo 2 GPU manufactured by 3dfx.  He was an early small investor in both AMD and Nvidia.  


Dustin enjoys competitive PC gaming (esports), virtual reality, science fiction, tabletop style gaming, and adventure (ADV) motorcycle touring and (occasionally motorcycle repair). 

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