6 Future Tech Ideas We're Excited About

Always Looking Forward To New Tech

We are in the golden age of technology. For better and for worse, technology is rapidly evolving and we, as consumers, benefit by taking part and interacting with new tech.

So I wanted to write this article to talk about advancements in tech, even if they may seem old hat to some, the new breakthroughs and advancements might be taking the speculative industries into accessibility and affordability.

Our Top 6 Tech Ides We’re Excited About

Affordable Adoption of AR/VR

There’s already a very good arms race for VR technology right now.

Debatably, the HTC Vive is one of the best on the markets and it’s supported and openly accessible thanks to Valve.

The Oculus has a more affordable option albeit within Metas architecture, but those strides are big gains for the market as a whole.

Advancements in Haptic Feedback

On the note of AR/VR, the haptic controls have been around since before the OG steam controller, but they are just being continually refined and are an amazing way to add additional tactility to interfaces.
You see it on cell phones with little rumble feedbacks as well as in VR situations to help designate events.

Alternative Alternative Energies

Electric Vehicles are all the rage and rightfully so, they’re here, and available.

However, Hydrogen is finally emerging in a state where it seems like a viable solutions, albeit not now, but if there are two different options available for healthy competition then this marks good news for everyone.

The Commercialization of AI

I’m personally not buying into the hype of GPT and Dall-E, they’re fun to play with, they are steps in the right direction, but their utilization is spotty at the moment.

I do get excited for what it means. The provisions of accessibility across the board are monumental. Having a pocket tutor is something I’ve yearned for since I first heard about it and now it feels more close than ever.

The Boon of Niche Electronics

I am a proud owner of a reMarkable and a Steam Deck and it has completely modified my perspective on home computing. At this rate, I don’t want to play games unless it’s on the deck and I don’t want to read/write unless it’s on my reMarkable.

In the age of digital detoxing, i think it’s a really great way to simplify the way your mind processes different mediums and technologies.

Almost Anything in Med Tech.

There are numerous great breakthroughs happening in medical technology. Reconnecting brain synapses to restore walking or augmentations to help how much you can lift and move.

Sure there are many fumbles like Google Glass and whatever Elon is doing to those poor monkeys, but there is a lot of great work being done behind all the noise.

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