8 Odd Accessories for Your PC Setup

If you live at your desk either for work or for leisure, there are many times that you might consider upping the ante on your space.
Here is a short list of some of the fun add-ons I’ve done to my rig to help improve the experience.

Desk Conveniences

Headset Stand

Easily the dumbest feature on this list. Some headset stands might be more formal and have charging in there, I have a simply 3D printed clip for the edge of my desk where I hang my headset and it’s great because after a few weeks you’re totally conditioned to set it down and pick it up from that one place.


Long Mousepad

I was not a fan of the concept of the area mousepad, but I would endorse it for uniformity of your desk, but it also makes cleaning your desk off a little bit easier.


Monitor Stand Shelf

I am not paid to endorse Way Basics, but they take recycled materials and create simple risers for monitors that includes a little shelf for space. It’s great for me to tuck in my phone, mints, and some USB sticks in a convenient location that is low-profile.

Augment Your Gaming Experience

Gaming Lights

I am not pitching a specific company here, but finding a great set of gaming lights that sync up with whatever is happening on the screen is really fun and helps to add immersion.



Macro Keyboard / Keyboard Add On

My old one was a Logitech G13 which you can still snag used on soem markets, and I adored. There was an incident with my toothing puppy that we will not get into, but now I use an old micro-korg with mapped keys on the computer and it works just as well.

I love using my pre-set macro keyboards for productivity uses more than working with games, but I do have a bunch of RTS macros on one setting if I’m infrequently in a Civ game or something like that.

Ergonomic Aids

Foot Massage Roller

I’m personally mixed on this, I don’t typically use it but I have friends who swear by getting a large foot massage roller for under your desk. Shoes or no shoes it gives them a little massage that they enjoy when gaming, but they do admit when things get sweaty it gets moved out of the way quickly.


Sciatica Pillow

I attest that you should have one of these at least for your desk and at most get one for your car too. Sciatica pillows are designed to lower the compression your lower back takes when sitting for prolonged periods and can prevent lower back pain.


Back Mesh

Finally, for additional support, having a back mesh with the sciatica pillow combo can help relieve a ton of stress which leads to increased gametime.

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