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7 Tablets You May Have Never Heard of

 First of all, they’re all Android, so let’s just move past that. Android is still “open-source enough” that anyone can grab a build and develop a product with it. So while there are minor...

Repairing Things by Bard

Repairing Things

The art of repair is a noble one,
It takes skill and patience,
And a love of things well-made.

When something is broken,
It’s often easier to throw it away,
But taking the time to fix it
Can be a rewarding experience.

There’s a sense of satisfaction
In bringing something back to life,
And knowing that you’ve made it last.

So if you’re feeling handy,
Give repair a try.
You might just be surprised
At what you can accomplish.

The broken pieces of a vase
Can be glued back together,
And the cracks can be filled with gold.

A torn shirt can be sewn,
And a broken heart can be healed.

Anything is possible
If you have the will to repair it. – Bard

Hoverboard Motor Controller Repair

Hoverboard Motor Controller Repair

This was a fun one we dont do every day.  Hoverboard came in.  Battery connector was smoking.  It had a short on the right side motor controller board.  Traced the problem to two shorted misfits. ...

Is Your Used Tech Going Up in Value?

Have you been on the fence about fixing up that old computer, tablet or phone because  you think that the repairs are going to cost more than it is “worth.” Big tech and our consumer culture has taught us for decades that your computer plummets in value. 

This isn’t a free market. The government is picking the winners.

The SBA recently released the data of bailout recipients.  I just found out that one of my direct competitors got $150,000 from the federal government.  They are a small shop like mine.  The only difference is that they were in business making money before COVID 19.  Tech Fixers applied for the same program and got $0 because I started the business in 2020. 

I heard from my business consultant about a business that closed, fired all their employees, put their FAMILY on the payroll and collected the government money.  Totally legal. 

Bent Missing Pins?  No problem

Bent Missing Pins? No problem

A customer had an issue with a Ryzen processor.  It had many bent pins.  I slowly and carefully bent them back into alignment using heat and a microscope and tweezers.  It now works perfectly. I an...

PSA: Prior Lake Location Announced

PSA: Prior Lake Location Announced

Prior Lake Electronics Repair. Tech Fixers provides cell phone repair, electronics repair, computers and laptop rental. We are excited to open up a new location to Prior Lake and Scott County. We...

Does Your Cell Phone Provider Sell Your Location?

Pretty much anyone knows that government has access to your location data, however did you know that private individuals, for profit companies and other organizations do as well?  The answer is...

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