5 Smart Watches That You Should Consider

There are a lot of Smart Watches out there that aren’t Pixel or Apple

Most people think smart watches and they think of the above, but we want to go in and showcase some of the cooler tech out there that you can use on your wrist instead of the big spookies.

The Big Obvious Ones

Yes, there are still big obvious companies.


Samsung is still in the phone space, is still in the tech space, and has managed to pull from iPhone and Android to make an interesting device and that isn’t stopping them from going into the smartwatch space too.


FitBit has a different angle by being mostly focused on health, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t replicate the functionality people have grown to expect from the major smart watch companies.


More Niche Smartwatches



Garmin is a big name in the bike space, and they have a lot of cool smart watches that are closer to being a FitBit competitor than an Apple competitor, but they still offer a ton of customizability and data points to play with.


Probably the most interesting because they are another outdoor company but this is not their first foray into the watch world. That being said Fossil is providing some really great brand aesthetics to make their smart watch feel like theirs and not the competitions.


A shout out to the OG. When smart watches were starting to gain popularity, I feel like Pebble was the first on the seen and then the Apple SmartWatch cast a giant shadow over what they were doing. They’re not as big as they used to be but they’re still in the market.

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