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What’s Wrong With My Phone?

Screen is Cracked

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A Cracked Screen is only manageable for so long. While most people won’t mind having a chip or a crack on their screen for a few weeks, the more stress you place on the damage can slowly start to add more damage to the screen or it can possibly lead to debris getting into the system itself causing a different set of problems entirely.

Phone Won't Charge

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Phones not charging typically have two possible issues. They can either be a charge port issue where obstructions can prevent a strong connetion. Or there can be an internal fault like a frayed wire or the need for new soldering. Either way, the issues are simple to resolve and a quick consultation can identify the issue.

My Phone is Slow

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A slow phone can actually be the result of a myriad of issues. It’s common knowledge that some phone updates will purposefully slow down older models in order to push for programmed obsolesence. Having too many apps open or having low storage can cause processing issues, or it might be something more intense.

Smartphone Water Damage

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We have an article on if you drop your phone in a puddle or something and how to do the rice thing. The idea is that you need to turn your phone off and let the rice absorb the moisture through the device overnight. If that doesn’t work, bring the phone in to us and we will see if we can restore the device.

Phone Maintenance

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We offer small phone maintenance services where do a general clean up of your phone. This can involve charge port cleaning, alcohol wiping, providing a fresh screen protector to the device and also doing diagnostics in your phone to see if there are any files that can be removed or software that can be sped up.

My Camera Isn't Working

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Cameras not working in phones is typically a third party Android issue. Most of the time, the software is having an issue communicating between one another or it could be a permissions issue if you are using a different app than the default. But if the problem persists even after restarting your phone, bring it in and we can resolve it.

My Phone Needs More space

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Phones running out of space is a common issue across the board. The easiest way to resolve this is by porting all the non-important files and media to a cloud storage your phone can reference while keeping the important media (like contact information) on the device itself. We can assist either hardware or software issues pertaining to storage.

My Calls Keep Dropping

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Calls dropping can be a tough riddle to solve. Barring things like cell dead zones, weak phone plans, and room-based electronic interference; we have a few options to explore. We can always check internally to make sure there isn’t debris on the board and that the soldering and wiring is still strong, or we can check the software as well.

People Can't Hear Me

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If you have a strong connection with the person, and they are unable to hear you, the first place I would look is call settings. Possibly you are on wi-fi calling or you have dropped from 4G to 3G towers. But if there are minute microphone issues, we can resolve those with some simple cleanings and possible hardware replacement.

Our Services

Service Cell Phone

It is projected that new phone sales will be down 10 percent this year.  The reasons for this are simple, phones aren’t really getting that much better.  People are also looking to save some green.

If it works why replace it?

We provide a full range of services for Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Moto G Series, LG.  and many others.

Some of the Most Frequent Issues we Work With:

  • Screen Repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Charge Port Cleaning
  • Charge Port Restoration
  • Data transfers (even from a non-functional phone)
  • Water damage
  • Audio issues
  • Microphone issues
  • Camera & lens replacement
  • Broken back glass
  • Service Cell Phone
  • Fix Cell Phone
  • Phone Shop
  • Service Cell Phone
  • Cell Phone Replacement

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