Repair Policy

Repair Policy:



We do not plan to wipe your wipe device unless notified, however it is the responsibility of the customer to backup their device before repair.  If we assist you with backing up your device you are responsible for verifying that your data is backed up prior to repair.  


It is recommended to use a cloud services provider such as Apple iCloud, Google drive, Carbonite, and/or Mosy to back up your data.  Other options include using an external device or email.  


Our quality assurance policy:


Every device that is brought in for repair is functionionally tested twice.  The first test is done before initiating repair on the device. The second test is done after the conclusion of the repair.  It takes a significant amount of time to perform these checks, however we feel that it is necessary to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.  


Any issues noted before the repair are excluded from this warranty unless we explicitly charge an itemized fee for the repair of this issue.  This may include problems with functionality of the device(such as home button issues), scratches, screen issues or other blemishes with the device.  


Repairs made to resolve a specific issue are subject to the warranty policy unless excluded.


Warranty Policy:


We guarantee parts and workmanship on devices brought in for repair for a period of one year unless excluded below.  


Batteries are a consumable item and are covered for a period of 90 days or 400 cycles, whichever comes first.  


Exclusions/ Non-warranty repair:

At our discretion we may decide to attempt a repair which is not covered by our warranty policy.  In this circumstance we will charge for labor and any parts or materials regardless of the outcome.


Devices subject to the following conditions automatically become a non-warranty repair:

  • Devices with signs of liquid/moisture damage
  • Devices containing manufacturer defects (including the Apple iPhone 7 Audio IC issues, Apple iPhone Tristar charging issues)
  • Devices with bent frames and/or motherboards
  • Devices with bulging batteries.  
  • Anything related to the Apple iPhone 6 Plus


In rare circumstances a customer may elect not to have all damage or issues repaired with the device.  As an example a customer may elect to have a battery replaced on a phone with an already cracking screen.  In this circumstance the screen may crack further when removing it to replace the battery.  


Screen protectors are consumable items and will typically need to be replaced on any repair that requires removing the screen, such as a cell phone or tablet.


Software issues:


Viruses are designed by their creators to be very difficult to remove.  Even the best antivirus software is only about 70 percent effective. Our services are designed to mitigate the symptoms of common viruses, malware and other potentially unwanted programs.  We do not guarantee that your computer will not contain unwanted programs in the future or that you will not experience any security breaches. If you believe that your computer has contained potentially unwanted programs you are recommended to change your passwords and set up 2-factor authentication whenever possible.  

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