Rent a Computer!


Rent a Computer!

Computer Rentals for Businesses

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Whether you’re working with a contractor or you’re dealing with a travelling employee, having a rental computer is vital for your business and maintaining that the employee has everything they need.

Rent a Laptop

Computer Rentals for Students

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Homeschooling, suspension, medical leave, etc; all of these are good reasons to rent a computer for a student. If you need a computer that has all the bells and whistles, give us a call!

Rent a Computer


What We Offer

Computers for rent is a great way to sherk a lot of the upfront cost to touch on your computer needs. Often if we’re having a desktop repaired or we have someone in need of a good mobile workstation, we will offer computer rentals to help fill that niche.
We offer computers of all varieties that fit one of the three niches mentioned.Contact us today if you need to rent a laptop!

The Employee – Comes with Microsoft Office, Zoom, and any Tertiary software you could need.

The Student – Has Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and all the other tools that students need.

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