Ipod Classic Upgrades

This guy tricked out his ipod classic to get 10 DAYS battery life with heavy use.  Also a 256gb SSD and custom clear plastic case.

I have been told that these old ipod classics have a much better sound recording quality than the newer ipod touches and most phones.  Perhaps for this reason, perhaps for sentimental reasons people are keeping these ipods and even upgrading them and customizing them.

I am tricking out this iPod for a client.  He stated that he had wrecked 3 ipods like this trying to replace the battery.  There are 13(yes!) 13 hidden clips. have done similar ones in the past.  This ipod is thinner than the others and has a larger hard drive.  For this reason the battery he bought was not compatible.

Be careful on these ipods.  There are different battery sizes that depend on the HDD size.  The smaller capacity ones have room for a larger battery, the 160gb one does not.  If you attempt to install the larger battery you will likely break the LCD.

There actually are alot of ways to customize these older ipods.  In this case I am going to install a larger(thicker) back metal case.  This will allow for a larger battery and possibly a solid state flash memory solution.  Yes you read that right, you can install an SSD in your old IPOD classic.  This will use much less battery power and can potentially upgrade the storage size.

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