Xbox Repair

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Xbox Software Issues

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Software Issues on Xbox are not an uncommon thing. Whether it be a game being too slow, OS Failure, or anything in between, we can diagnose and make course corrections that can help your Xbox get to where it once was.

OS Failure

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The red rings of death have been plaguing gamers for years, and no fancy re-design is going to make people forget about the imminent threat of the red rings. Call us in advance if you are experiencing OS Failure for your Xbox or the red rings of death.

Games Keep Crashing

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Depending on your usage, games crashing on the Xbox is an uncommon problem, but that doesn’t mean it’s unheard of. Either a faulty patch needs a rollback, or worse, you’ll need to address some hardware issues from within the system.

Hardware Issues

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Hardware issues are commonplace in Xboxes. While they are consistently being pushed to the limit by the fanbase, the parts will sometimes degrade for one reason or another, and if that is the case, you can count on us.

Xbox Hard Drive Replacement

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A common upgrade we do for all game consoles are hard drive replacements. Whether it’s moving a hybrid drive to an SSD or just swapping out existing peripherals for increased performance, we can help you with swapping your electronics.

Xbox Is Making A Weird Noise

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Clicking, whirring, spinning, and other noises can be issues with a variety of peripherals inside your Xbox. Most of the time, it is a fan that is too dirty or a hard drive that’s just had one too many issues in recent years but bring it in and we’ll resolve it.

Xbox Modding

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Modding a console can be a tricky procedure, and depending on what you are hoping to have done, we may be able to assist you with the modding, but give us a call and we can discuss things like warranty voiding and anti-cheat laws depending on your intentions.

Xbox Cleaning

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Xboxes and their new design are a much better ergonomic design, but that doesn’t mean it is absolved of cleaning duties. Similar to computers, you should have them cleaned every 6 months to a year, depending on the condition of the device and surroundings.

Xbox Case Mods and Skins

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Case Mods and Skins are a dominant market, and unfortunately, most consumers don’t have the steady hands in order to apply their dbrand skins properly or clean the devices properly to maximize adhesion; bring the device in, and we can trouble shoot it for you.

Xbox Service

Whether you are receiving the red rings of death from a 360 or would like to pump up the performance on your new Xbox One, we can help you with any issues you’re having.


There’s nothing better than finishing days worth of work, chilling on the couch, and loading up a game to unwind. Nothing winds me up better than finding out that the game doesn’t work and now I have to spend a week gameless! Xbox Repair and have become one of the most sought after services we provide.

The majority of us don’t realize how easy it is to fix some of the most basic problems that plague our gaming consoles. Often it’s just dust accumulation (among other things) and sometimes it’s just a bad patch or an old drive that’s just taken a beating.


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