Gaming Console Repair in Shakopee

We are no longer providing Video Game Console Repair as a Service. Thank you.

Xbox Repair

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Whether you are receiving the red rings of death from a 360 or would like to pump up the performance on your new Xbox One, we can help you with any issues you’re having.

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Playstation Repair

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Playstations don’t often have errors but when they do it is most frequently due to environmental issues. So anything from a good cleaning to light soldering will be able to amp that speed back up to normal.

We offer: PS2 Repair, PS3 Repair, and PS4 Repair

Vintage Equipment

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If you are looking to repair anything from an old arcade machine to an N64 we can help you out. We offer soldering, deep cleaning, and some software repair services (depending on the source.)


What We Offer

There’s nothing better than finishing days worth of work, chilling on the couch, and loading up a game to unwind. Nothing winds me up better than finding out that the game doesn’t work and now I have to spend a week gameless! Xbox Repair and Playstation Repair have become one of the most sought after services we provide.

The majority of us don’t realize how easy it is to fix some of the most basic problems that plague our gaming consoles. Often it’s just dust accumulation (among other things) and sometimes it’s just a bad patch or an old drive that’s just taken a beating.

Regardless of what the problem is, we have you covered.

Some of the common gaming console repair services we perform:

  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Light Soldering
  • Software Updates and Issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • And More, Just Ask!


If you are having an issue with one of your consoles and you’re not sure if it makes sense to fix yours or to buy a new one, give us a call, stop in or book an appointment online.  We are happy to let you know how we can help.

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