What are germicidal lamps for killing Bacteria

Germicidal Lamps are exactly what they sound like. They are Lamps for killing bacteria, the type of light they emit will eradicate the cell walls of bacteria and some fungi.

I have ordered parts for a number of high power UV-C light setups. UV-C is 200-280nm light that is very effective  in killing germs. COVID 19 is too new for scientific studies to have been done however we do know that:

  • It is known to kill viruses such as SARS, a close cousin of COVID 19.
  • Hospitals use this light to sterilize their surgical equipment.
  • China is currently sterilizing their public transportation systems nightly with UVC  light.

My plan is to use these to sterilize the shop and equipment after hours.  I may also offer this this as a community service for other public places.

It is very nasty stuff so it is necessary to set it up while off and then set a timer,  leave the room and then only reenter the room after the timer has turned the light off.  Bus In China Being Sterilized with UV-C light


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