Have you been on the fence about fixing up that old computer, tablet or phone because  you think that the repairs are going to cost more than it is “worth.” Big tech and our consumer culture has taught us for decades that your computer plummets in value.

What if that is no longer the case?  Alot of desirable used tech such as laptops, phones, GPUs and more are now worth MORE than they were a couple years ago.  Some of the reasons for this:

–  Computer hardware is not increasing in speed at the rate that it once did.  So called Moore’s Law has not been valid for quite some time.  Now the emphasis is more on cloud computing and your internet connection is the bottleneck, not your device.  Essentially your device is just a portal to the internet.

– Tech companies are delaying releasing their innovations until they can get top dollar for them.

– Demand is way up this year with more people working or going to school remotely.

– Supply shortages of new devices, components and labor are driving up prices.

– The US government greatly increased the money supply, leading to inflation in goods that are desirable internationally.  The Chinese LOVE Apple products especially.  Things made in the US such as gas, food and such haven’t gone up as much.

Is it worth fixing?  Check with us and we can give you a diagnostic and/or a quote.



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