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According to apple isopropyl alcohol is safe to wipe down phones.  I would not recommending submerging or using large amounts of these liquids to prevent entry into the phone.  Turn electronics off and remove the battery (if possible) before cleaning

We have 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and UV lights which can be used to sterilize phones, keyboards and other devices.  This sterilization is done prior to and after service to help prevent the transmission if this virus. The higher concentration isopropyl(while VERY flammable) is safest for electronics because it quickly evaporates and does not leave water behind.

This caught my interest and I am currently reviewing the work of various open source ventilator projects.  A ventilator is necessary for those sick and in intensive care who have degraded lung function.  A friend told me that there are only 200k such ventilators in the US and over half are already in use for other critical conditions.

Stay safe and best wishes to you and your loved ones!

Ultimate Medical Hackathon: How Fast Can We Design and Deploy an Open Source Ventilator?



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