7 Tablets You May Have Never Heard of

 First of all, they’re all Android, so let’s just move past that. Android is still “open-source enough” that anyone can grab a build and develop a product with it. So while there are minor modifications between the products below, they still have the same DNA.

Motorola Tablet

Motorola has been in the mobile market for a very long time, they are still making waves with ptheir affordable G4 and G6 series. However, they have a Smart Tab M10 that boasts a octa-core 1.8ghz processor, 4GB Ram and a heavy storage profile. Whether it ships with Bloat, we can’t speak about, but this is a very affordable Tablet.

Union Built Tablet

Union Built is an American/Canadian tablet company that focuses on rugged accessories for working class people. Union Built is in fact a union institution. While most of their products are 1K+ Rugged builds, the UB-2021 has an Octacore processor, 4GB Ram and 64GB default storage for about 40 dollars less than the Motorola Tablet, however, the onboard OS is a few generations out of date.

Vizio Tablet

This one might have gone to pasture, bu it’s still worth noting. Vizio, the American TV company did have their hand at creating mobile and tablet devices for a while. While you can still get them, it looks like they’ve been de-listed from their website.

Lenovo Tablet

Lenovo has the Flex and Yoga which are great hybrid laptops, but most people don’t know they outright produce standard WinOS Tablets and Android Tablets as well.

Second of All We Lied

There are some neat works being done with the Ubuntu Touch Technology and also an entry that helps re-define what a ‘tablet’ can be called.

Juno Tablet

Ubuntu Tablet – https://junocomputers.com/
England Based Juno Computers has been tinkering with Ubuntu pre-builts for a long time, but they have recently burned through their Juno tablet program and looks like they’re attempting another run at it.

Pine Tab

Ubuntu Tablet – https://www.pine64.org/pinetab/
HongKong based manufacturer, PineTab is a developer of not only Linux based tablets that look like Surface knockoffs, but they’ve also created a PineNote, that is an e-ink reader/writer that looks like their attempt at Re:Markable.

Wacom Drawing Tablet

Is this cheap and unfair? Maybe. But the fact is that most people are using Tablet PC’s and Digital Drawing Tablets interchangeably. Frankly, I’m all for people calling Drawing Tablets e-asels, but no one wants to get behind me and rebrand it, so we need to mention Wacom here.

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